How to Install Presets

1. Download Lightroom :

Lightroom Mobile is completely free! You don't need to subscribe to Lightroom or even download the Lightroom desktop app. All you need is the free Lightroom app on your phone!

App Store

Google Play Store

2. After payment you will see a window for downloading presets, please click on the "Download Now" button. You will also receive an email with a download link.

3. Once your payment has been processed you will receive an email from us (if you can‘t see any emails from us - please check SPAM folder). 

3.1 Click "Download".

3.2 In the window that opens you will see .zip file download window. Extract .zip file to see all files and instruction PDF.

3.3 Import all downloaded DNG files to Lightroom mobile app. 

3.4 Sort the Lightroom Gallery by import date.

3.5 Click on a circle with three dots in the upper right corner.

3.6 Click on "Create Preset".

3.7 Enter a preset name. Select the Preset group "User Presets" (Or create a new one "Simple Brilliant Presets").

3.8 Click on the check mark in the upper right corner.

3.9 The End! Once you have selected the photo you want to retouch, click on it, find the "Presets" button in the bottom bar of the Lightroom.

(Select "User Presets" to find a newly created preset)

You will receive a step by step PDF document giving you a detailed guide on how to install and use the presets. (don't worry, it only takes a few minutes!).
If you have any questions just write us DM :)